The robots are coming – also in Sylab

  • 15/05/2017

It's spring. It means brighter days, but for Sylab, it also means brighter times regarding the KUKA syrobot and its development. After various challenges, the robot is now running relatively satisfying. At the same time, it means that SYLAB can…

Denmark Digital – New Idea Catalogue from Dansk Erhverv

  • 02/05/2017

Digitalization is a tough international competitive parameter and at the same time fuel to ensure Denmark's well-being. Therefore, Dansk Erhverv presents 130 political proposals to secure Denmark as a digital winner nation. The report includes Focus on intelligent use of…

The textile mill project this weeks media darling

  • 02/05/2017

Plained clothes will soon make the production of new clothes more sustainable using new technology. This is the headline of one of several interviews that project manager Isabella Holmgaard from Lifestyle & Design Cluster gave to DR in both the radio…

The Secretariat Wishes A Happy Easter.

The Secretariat wishes a happy Easter.

  • 11/04/2017

The Secretariat wishes everyone a happy Easter. We are open Monday-Wednesday in week 15 and back after Easter, on Tuesday the 18th of April 2017.

Ambitious Young Fashion Designers Seeking Mentors

Ambitious young fashion designers seeking mentors

  • 10/04/2017

One thing is to be a designer. Another is to be a businesswoman. That we recognize at the creative entrepreneurial workroom Sylab in Ikast, where we, the designers, now need expert guidance to take our designs and business to the…

Price rain at Danish furniture Talent Program.

  • 22/03/2017

The end of the annual furniture Talent Program led to a true 'flod of awards' at the Design Werck in Copenhagen: In addition to the main prize, five awards given out to talented students who worked in groups across the Danish…