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What is the potential for fashion rental market?

Photo: Charles Deluvio

We invite companies and brands who are curious about the rental market to a workshop held by Kolding Design school.

The aim of this workshop is to explore perspectives within rental of clothing as a circular strategy.

 – Which knowledge is covered by research, and where are our knowledge gaps?

– What is the potential of data from a rental platform?

– Which specific value does rental offer to consumers, as well as to fashion brands within design and retail? And what are the barriers to overcome?

– What are the perspectives within rental as a means to lowering CO2?

– And which knowledge and practices is needed to support businesses within fashion design and retail transitioning towards rental as a circular strategy?

Researchers from University of Southern Denmark and Kolding Design School as well as Rentista will present data, trends and debat questions.

The results of the day will be allocated into a future application for reseraching more within this topic.


Agenda (first proposal)

  • Welcome
    • Introduction round
  • 20 min Presentation fra Design Schools ( Mette KA + Ulla DSKD) – what do we know already about consumer behaviour and fashion
  • 15 min Rentista – what are the trens you are seeing already and what questions would you like to be able to answer
  • 30 min debate in groups
    • What do we know and what data and answers do we need at a fashion industry to bring down Co2 be utilizing rental platforms
  • Feedback
  • break
  • 20 min SDU – what does the data already show
  • 30 min workshop – what data do we have, what do we need to understand to change
  • break
  • 20 min project proposal pitch
  • 30 min what would the participants like to involve themselves in, what can they support with and what do they want to gain for such a project
  • Next step & Lunch

Price: free

Place: Design School Kolding, Ågade 10, 6000 Kolding, Room 2.15

Time: august 24, 10:00-13:00

Sign up here (only room for 10 guests)


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