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Vision, goals & strategy

Housing and clothing companies have the fact in common that they meet the users’ lifestyle dreams. Since the industries work together and inspire each other, it was natural to combine the two industries. On behalf of that, Innonet Lifestyle – Interior & Clothing was established the 1st of January 2009. The Industrial slide provides a common lifestyle-based asset for the companies and the businesses thereby benefits from mutual collaboration and knowledge sharing, as well as science institutions can offer industries valuable new insights.

In January 2016 Innonet Lifestyle – Interior & Clothing changed its name to Lifestyle & Design Cluster with a new logo and graphic identity. Innovation Network Lifestyle & Design Cluster has the same business focus and the same organizational composition as before.


The vision of Lifestyle & Design Cluster is to be a catalyst for the Danish interior and clothing industries and ensure they are among the most innovative in the world.


The goal of Lifestyle & Design Cluster is to create growth and development through bridge-building activities, projects and networks between companies and knowledge, research and educational institutions. Moreover, it is our job to identify needs and initiate appropriate activities to ensure the proper insight into innovative new opportunities for the industries.


The strategy of Lifestyle & Design Cluster is linked to the overall strategy of innovation networks in Denmark. Innovation networks are part of the government’s goal of placing Denmark among the most innovative countries in the world by:

Being a bridge between research and education institutions and businesses
Lifestyle & Design clusters role as a bridge between knowledge institutions and businesses must be strengthened so that new research and knowledge quickly and efficiently shared and put into practice through:
– Increased strategic cooperation between Lifestyle & Design Cluster and research institutions as a united bridge
– Strengthened interaction on training and skills development, that matches the needs of enterprises
– Develop cooperation between students and companies
– Identify and assist with applications for collaborative activities between knowledge institutions and businesses.

Be a driver for internationalization
Lifestyle & Design Cluster will increase the internationalization activities with a view to ensuring access to leading international knowledge and international business collaborate by:

  • Strengthening Lifestyle & Design Cluster’s international strategies.
  • Expansion of strategic partnerships in the Nordic countries and other neighbouring regions in Europe where it is appropriate.
  • Increased participation in the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.
  • Ensuring enhanced cooperation with the strategy and structure for internationalization.

Ensure continued development of a strong and professional cluster
Lifestyle & Design Cluster must remain committed to being one of the leading international clusters in the lifestyle area by:

  • Increase cooperation with business promoters
  • Strengthen business development and entrepreneurship in industries
  • Continued development of areas as a result of the Gold Label certification (performance indicator in innovation networks), or if a higher level is developed
  • Cooperation with emerging clusters and cross-sectoral growth areas
  • An ongoing process looking at trends, challenges and opportunities for the cluster participants
  • Systematic measurements of the effects of the cluster’s activities


Birk Centerpark 38
7400 Herning, Denmark
Ph.: +45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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Headstart Fashion HOUSE
Mindet 4
8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Ph.: +45 2420 7207
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
Office in BLOXHUB
Frederiksholms Kanal 30 A5, 1. sal
1220 København K, Denmark
Ph.:+45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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Lifestyle Lab CPH
Bredgade 66
1260 København
Ph.: +45 2276 7990
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com

Lifestyle & Design Cluster
Lifestyle & design cluster is supported by:

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