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BaltSe@nioR 1.00

BaltSe@nior is a result of previous collaboration between several partners addressing the same topic: Smart furniture solutions for the growing population of seniors.

Lifestyle & Design Cluster was together with 2 other partners from France and Sweden part of the BSR Innovation Express program with a project that identified new methodologies to help the SMEs to tap into the potential for their businesses in addressing seniors, which led to collaboration with
even more partners in the BaltSe@nior project.

Now our BSR Innovation Express is one of The BSR Innovation Express 2014 case stories as part of the overall evaluation of the program. You can read the case here


Throughout the BaltSe@nioR project we will conduct interviews with seniors from the participating countries and the incoming knowledge will be shared across borders and build the foundations for the further development of methods and workshops, where we will help the companies exploiting the huge potential of the growing group of seniors with buying power.

The project will develop a knowledge sharing platform- a virtual library where companies can gain access to knowledge and results from the project in order to develop their own businesses based on needs of the target group and how to address this group marketing wise.

The project will focus on the senior segment that is still very active, relatively autonomous, have time and an opinion about which products they like, what a product should do for them, and how it should look.

If you are a company interested in participating in the project or just wants more information, please contact Project Manager Joan Knudsen: joan@ldcluster.com

Link to article about  BaltSe@nioR project: Click here

Baltse@nior is an Interreg Baltic Sea Region project, with the purpose of supporting and helping furniture- and interior manufacturers across the Baltic Sea Region with knowledge, insights, tools and methodology to develop and market products that meet the needs of the growing population of seniors.

The project builds upon the foundations of a previous BSR Stars Pilot project: Comfort in Living where Lifestyle & Design Cluster also participated.

The Project runs from 1rst. May 2016 to 30th. April 2019 and is supported by The European Union’s Regional Development Fund and is a project under the program Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Interreg Baltic Flagship rundt

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