Headstart Fashion House

HEADSTART FASHION HOUSE was established in 2016 and is an incubation environment for fashion related companies. The incubator environment is a demo model for a fashion house, where smaller fashion companies can benefit from the network and the offers.

The 17th of December 2019, HSF has been merged into LDC in order to further strengthen the already functioning activities.

On August 24, 2016, Aarhus Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard inaugurated Headstart Fashion (HSF) House in the old port building.

HSF House is a modern office community focused on growth and sparring. In addition, HSF House provides a space for network-based events focusing on business development. HSF House offers an open office environment and a few closed offices for businesses that want to be part of an exciting fashion incubation environment. When you are part of HSF House you get sparring with other fashion companies.

” As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of mistakes one has to go through to find their place in the market and create a healthy structure in the business. Headstart fashion is a great place to find help to get started and get help with some of the problems you face as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, Headstart Fashion is great at attracting attention from the outside through their huge network and many events. This means that, as part of the house, you will meet the press, influencers, buyers and customers. ”

Amir, Twelvepieces.

HSF kontakt:

Phone (Aarhus): +45 2420 7207

Phone. (Herning): +45 9616 6200

Mail: christian@ldcluster.com

Address: Mindet 4B, 8000 Aarhus C

Head of incubator

Christian Chapelle


Renters at HSF House have access to a very advantageous membership at Dansk Fashion & Textile and are invited to many events and the opportunity for daily sparring with DM&T. Dansk Fashion & Textile offers legal guidance and has employees who specialize in advising on topics such as CSR, Customs, international trade, labeling and digitalization.

With an office space at HSF you get:

  • Desk and office chair
  • Full membership of the trade organization Dansk Fashion & Textile (for special price)
  • Business development seminars and conferences
  • Value-creating networks
  • Sparring with like-minded
  • Kitchenette (Coffee / tea)
  • Alarm system
  • Cleaning

Prices start at 1,300 + VAT (ex. membership of DM&T)

Contact us for a tour: christian@ldcluster.com


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