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Lifestyle & Design Cluster is collaborating with three expert EU clusters within the KIDS sector

Four cluster will generate, gather, and create tools for penetrating international markets for European SMEs producing products for kids


The overall project objective is to foster the internationalization of the EU children’s industry by supporting the setting-up of a European Children’s Cluster (the ESCP-4i) to uncover and exploit the most promising international business opportunities for the children & family markets. KIDS ESCP-4i will bring together many SMEs, large companies, research and technological partners, public authorities, academia, etc. from different disciplines in a unique European-wide collaborative platform for internationalization. Circularity, digitalization, and gender-based perspective will be key players in the project.

Target group

When speaking about the end-user of this market (this is children or kids), the project refers to children between 0 and 12 years old. Nevertheless, this approach includes families, as they are the key players taking decisions on behalf of children, and therefore its consumption patterns, habits and preferences need to be integrated when designing business strategies. Some studies estimate the annual value of the EU children market on € 20 bn.

Danish Kids Brands – Export outside EU

Studytrip to Chile

Explore, Connect, Thrive: KIDS Brands Delegation Tour to Chile.

Elevate your KIDS brand to new horizons! Join us on an exclusive delegation tour to Chile, the gateway to endless possibilities for toys, clothing, and furniture, with a special focus on the baby segment.

Date: 30th may-3rd June

Support: 10.000kr in support to your expenses for travel and hotel

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of KIDS products, from adorable baby attire to innovative toys and cozy furniture. Uncover market insights, forge partnerships, and witness firsthand the allure of Chile’s dynamic market.

Why Attend:

Connect: Network with industry leaders and fellow KIDS brand enthusiasts.

Discover: Explore the latest trends and opportunities in toys, clothing, and baby furniture.

Cultural Fusion: Experience the unique blend of Chilean culture and business.

Secure your spot for a journey filled with inspiration and business growth! Sign up if you interested

Studytrip to Sydkorea

Seoul Unveiled: Delegation Tour for KIDS Brands

Attention KIDS brands in toys, clothing, and furniture. Elevate your brand on an exclusive delegation tour to Seoul, South Korea, where tradition meets innovation.

Dates: June 2024 (specific dates will be shared in January)

Support: 10.000kr in support to your expenses for travel and hotel

Exclusive Highlights:

  • Networking Hub: Connect with industry leaders and fellow KIDS brand enthusiasts.
  • Matchmaking Sessions: Forge partnerships and collaborations for business growth.
  • E-commerce Insights: Dive into the latest trends shaping the digital KIDS market.
  • Export Mastery: Gain insights on exporting to Seoul with expert guidance.
  • Success Stories Tour: Visit established export brands and learn their secrets to success.

Why Seoul?

  • Tech Marvels: Explore South Korea’s cutting-edge innovations in KIDS products.
  • Cultural Tapestry: Experience Seoul’s rich blend of modernity and tradition.
  • Business Connections: Networking, matchmaking, and invaluable market insights.

Secure your spot for a journey that promises networking, partnerships, and a deeper understanding of Seoul’s thriving KIDS market

Danish Kids conference within lifestyle, March 22, 2023

The Danish lifestyle Children’s segment has been praised globally with focus on Children’s mobility and learning while playing. The Danish lifestyle and values on how kids will have the best prerequisites for a good future have been the base of many Danish lifestyle brands positions and successes international.

With this conference we will look into the future and possibilities for new markets, innovation, sustainability and research and development collaborations. The conference will be facilitated by Mattias Hundebøll; a Danish journalist, TV host, public speaker, podcaster, influencer and children’s book author. Lastly the conference will have pitching of the 3 runners up on the
yearly Hoppekids award and the audience will participate in voting for a winner.

The target group is: Danish and Nordic companies with the kids’ segment, participants in the European KIDS project and their member. The conference will be in English.

  • Location: Birk Centerpark 38, 7400 Herning, Denmark
  • Time: March 22 2023, 10:00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Webinar April 18th, 10 am – 11 am

Do you know how much revenue the children market generates in Europe? Do you know which two sectors aimed at children and families are the largest in the European market? Do you know which country generates more profit from this market?

Next April 18th, we invite you to participate in the #internationalization webinar organized by the KIDS EU project consortium where we will present two strategic studies on the European Children’s market, developed by SDLI Agency in the framework of the KIDS EU Project.

  • The EU children’s sector: unveiling its potential and opportunities
  • Understanding the Now Generation: global international trends

Join us to discover the potential and opportunities of the European Children’s sector, as well as its keys to the internationalization outside the EU.

Webinar May 2nd: USA, Chile and South Korea: Unveiling its potential and opportunities

Next May 2nd, we invite you to participate in the internationalization webinar organized by the KIDS EU project consortium where we will present three strategic market studies about the children’s sector in the US, Chile and South Korea, developed by the consultancy firm Consortia, in the framework of the KIDS EU Project.

The market studies allows us to discover the potential and opportunities that these three markets offer to EU companies. The studies include key information such as:

  • Country profile and socio-economic trends
  • Trends in toy, apparel, footwear, food, furniture, books, and more children’s sectors
  • Consumer behaviour (profile, marketing and brand importance)
  • Import & Exports: volumes and trends
  • Import potential
  • Distribution channels
  • Costs of establishment
  • Tariffs and other barriers to the entry of foreign goods
  • Best locations for marketing
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainability
  • Gender perspective
  • Digitalisation
  • Clusters, associations, allies
  • Main events

And much more!

In the webinar we will count with the participation of David Carnicer from Consortia, in charge of the studies.

Participate if you are:

  • An SME or Startup member of one of the KIDS EU consortium partners producing, designing or selling children products or services (toys, furniture, fashion, learning and much more).
  • A European company looking to expand your selling markets outside Europe.

Information about the session:

Format: webinar – online (Zoom)

Date: Tuesday, May 2nd, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Language: English

Only for EU KIDS Project consortium members

Take part in the session to discover the potential and opportunities of the children’s sector in the US, Chile and South Korea, as well as the keys to the internationalization outside the EU.

Gabriella Constantinou
Project leader
Phone: +4561730357

Challenges & barriers for internationalization

  • Not enough working capital to finance exports
  • The difficulty of identifying foreign business opportunities
  • Not enough information to locate / analyze markets
  • Inability to contact potential overseas customers
  • The difficulty of obtaining reliable foreign representation
  • Lack of managerial time to deal with internationalization
  • Not enough and/or untrained staff
  • Difficulties finding skilled staff in destination markets for selling or supporting after sales.


  • Digital transformation is generating changes in all sectors and for all size companies. Technology opens a new space of experiences with games and toys. Parents, aware of the importance of technology in the future of their children, are increasingly interested in acquiring technological products that, through play and entertainment, help to develop skills and acquire knowledge. When a toy incorporates technology, it can become more than a novelty to be valued for the consumers. 2015 was the first year where there was a sustained interest in connected toys.
  • The EU is the world’s second-largest toy exporter behind China. According to the EC5, the EU market for traditional toys and games – such as dolls, construction toys, sports toys, board games and puzzles – was worth a robust €15.8 billion in 2011 at retail selling prices.
  • Education is capital for the EU society, as acknowledged by the EC Communication on the Digital Communication Action Plan stating that both education & training play a vital role in boosting growth, innovation, and job creation.

General facts about the kids industry

  • SoME is a source of advice & knowledge for millennial parents today
  • Z generation is 100% digital natives representing 25% of the World population
  • ALFA: 25 mil. Babies are born worldwide
  • Also this generation will be prepared for jobs that don’t exist today
  • By 2028 India could overtake China’s population
  • EU is the second-largest toy exporter after China
  • The EU toy industry faces some key challenges, from the decrease of the number of children worldwide to the increased popularity of other leisure alternatives like videogames or tablets


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