SYLAB: Fashion and textile production in Denmark

Sylab is an experimental lab where the vision is to create potential for sewing production in Denmark through process optimization and automation. The ambition is to be able to handle production orders and collection development without funding after a 3-year development period.

Minister of Education and Research Ulla Tørnæs opened Sylab on 23.05.2016 together with Carsten Kissmeyer, the mayor of Ikast-Brande Kommune. The reason for Sylab is the large outsourcing of the clothing and textile industry, which moved to low-wage countries in the 90s. This meant that Denmark lost 20,000 jobs in the industry.

Content and phases

Denmark has a strong brand in the fashion and textile sector and has at the same time fought for a green profile. Producing sustainable textiles at a geographical and cultural distance is a major challenge in terms of environmental and ethical requirements.

Sylab helps small brands and upcomers have the opportunity to sew small collections and prototypes and get guidance in optimizing sewing technical processes and designs. Sylab allows large companies to try out new slightly fun design ideas and get repairs made of productions from abroad. In addition, design and modulation of customer styles are offered.

There is room for 10 entrepreneurs at Sylab and two different leasing options, one where you have office space and access to the sewing room (750 kr. ex. VAT) and the other where you have office, the sewing room, showroom for sharing and more storage (1250 DKK ex. VAT).

Sewbot in action making a shirt and pillow cover

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Project Leader:

Lise Clemmensen

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About orders in sylab

As a project under Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Sylab is not an ordinary sewing room. We work in several directions and are experimenting with a sewing robot among other things. As we are an experimental development project, we are not able to provide general information on our capabilities but are constantly assessing each task.

However, if our entrepreneurs believe they have available capacity, we can assist with development tasks including construction. Development costs are agreed directly with the entrepreneurs. We handle orders in both knitwear and clothing at our sewing room, but unfortunately, we cannot help with the purchase of materials.

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