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Design talks

Design Talks / Friday September 4th

In addition to the exhibition in Pakhus 11, Lifestyle & Design Cluster will in collaboration with Creative Denmark and 3daysofdesign host a number of Design Talks at Smejen next to Pakhus 11.

10 AM – 11 AM: Certifications

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A Panel discussion will take place focusing on the significance of certifications within circular economy looking into what the future poses.

Participants: Nille Skalts B-Corp / Annette Hastrup cradletocradle.dk / Ingrid Elmedal Ecolabel.dk / Ole Kiel FDB Furniture / Jesper Panduro Skagerak / Lone Ditmer Wilton. Faciliator: Betina Simonsen, Lifestyle & Design Cluster.


11.30 AM – 12.30 PM The long shadow of the classics

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In this talk, architect and tv-presenter, Ane Cortzen, confront the CEO’s behind some of the greatest designicons in history, on how to deal with the proud legacy in this day and era. Does the classics cast such a long shadow, that it’s hard to launch new products? Or is it actually a great advantage to stand on the shoulders of giants? Cortzen and the panel will also touch on how to update a legacy which mainly is based on handmade carpentry in a time of spare resources and completely different production-lines.

Participants: Rasmus Gravesen Fredericia Furniture / Hans Henrik Sørensen House of Finn Juhl / Lasse Holm Clausen Brdr. Krüger / David Obel Rosenkvist Louis Poulsen / Michael Ring Stelton. Faciliator: Ane Cortzen.


1 PM – 2 PM Circular Business Models

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How can we tackle climate change head-on and create the most sustainable impact through circular business models and processes without compromising the aesthetic and functional value that Danish design is world-renown for? In this panel talk, we shine a light on state-of-the-art solutions that demonstrate how the use of circular business models can give a competitive advantage, increase revenue and drive the green transition forward while sustaining the aesthetic and functional value of products.

Participants: Frank Lindhøj ScanOffice / Henrik Taudorf Lorensen TAKT / Henrik Marstrand Mater Design / Maria Fryd Wehler. Faciliator: Betina Simonsen, Lifestyle & Design Cluster.


3 PM – 4 PM Danish Design 2.0

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In the fight against climate change, a consistent focus on quality, functionality and durability makes Danish design both extremely relevant and more internationally sought after than ever before. But what do the biggest Danish design successes have in common and is it possible to talk about a unique Danish DNA? How can design be future-proofed and what can we expect from the new Danish designs?

Participants: Louise Roe Louise Roe / Anders Thams Moebe / Joachim Kornbek Hansen MENU / Thomas Ibsen PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED. Faciliator: Majken Kalhave, Creative Denmark.


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