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Digital fashion roundtables

Digital Fashion Roundtables 2.0 the Metaverse Movement

Aarhus University in collaboration with Kolding Design School and the IT University of Copenhagen is running the Digital Fashion Roundtables for the second year. In 2022, the focus of the project is on exploring digital fashion in the metaverse.

The project aims to explore and help navigate the digital space you as a fashion company or service provider are interested in entering. The community around the project believes that the metaverse is a very open concept and there is still plenty of room to shape it together. To do this, we invite you to follow and join our project where we will guide you through open roundtable conversations with experts in the field, use cases and prototyping, exhibitions and other learning opportunities.

Project activities 2022

  • 5-11 June, Metaverse Tour in Seoul, South-Korea
  • 15 June, 09:00-10:00, An NFT primer, how to mint, what to mint and where to mint – A roundtable conversation led by Jonas Jensen, Crypto-artist OG, Editor of NFTs at The Tokenizer, Fellow researcher at The European Blockchain Center, Art Adviser at SpaceSeven, Researcher, ITU (online) Sign up here
  • 17 June, 09:00-10:00, Digital fashion in the metaverse – A roundtable conversation led by Alexandra Ilg, Web3 Commerce Manager, The Dematerialised (online) Sign up here
  • 9-12 August, Digital Fashion Exhibition at Lifestyle Lab during Copenhagen Fashion Week
  • 30 September, Publication of a whitepaper on digital fashion and the metaverse

Roundtable 1

Date and time: 15 June, 09:00-10:00 CEST (online)

Title: An NFT primer, how to mint, what to mint and where to mint – A roundtable conversation led by Jonas Jensen, A roundtable conversation led by Jonas Jensen, Editor of NFTs, The Tokenizer, Crypto Artist, Researcher, ITU

Conversation partners:

  • Clemént Fontaine, Founder, TokenArt
  • Hervé Delhumeau, Founder, Monograma

Description: At the NFT primer, an expert panel will demystify NFTs with a simple to assess introduction to how NFTs can be created on a blockchain. The conversation will also discuss different practical use cases for NFTs such as metaverses, avatars, art, fashion, etc. The roundtable will give in-depth knowledge about the relatively short history of NFTs and look at where NFT as a technology might be heading.

Roundtable 2

Date and time: 17 June, 09:00-10:00 CEST (online)

Title: Digital fashion in the metaverse – A roundtable conversation led by Alexandra Ilg, Web3 Commerce Manager at The Dematerialised

Conversation partners:

  • Beata Wilczek, Head of Impact, THE DEMATERIALISED, Founder, Unfolding Strategies
  • Pavwan Ahmad, Multidisciplinary Fashion and Product Designer

Description: The digital fashion industry is on the rise, not lacking creators nor brands that are interested in capitalising on the possibilities of digital goods for the metaverse. Yet, this conversation takes a closer look at the owners and users of digital garments; exploring topics such as digital identity, ownership, the utility of digital assets and why anyone would want digital fashion in the first place.

Recordings from last year:

Day 1, 2021 – brands, creativity, new possibilities

Day 2, 2021 – education, industry, transition

Day 3, 2021 – experience, immersion, responsibility

Main project contact:

Kata Börönte
Researcher & Project Coordinator, Aarhus University
Mobile: 50158028

Lifestyle & Design Cluster contact:

Heidi Svane
Head of Digital
Mobile: 2074 7683

Project partners

  • Kata Börönte, Marianne Ping Huang, Aarhus University
  • Christel Arnevik, Design School Kolding
  • Jonas Jensen, IT University Copenhagen
  • Alexandra Ilg, The Dematerialised


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