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Digital fashion roundtables

3D in the fashion industry – What’s all the hype about?

Join the Digital Fashion Roundtables! On 3 consecutive days in June, we are hosting 3 online talks that aim to cover the newest developments in digital fashion, meaning: 3D solutions and their various implementations in the fashion industry.

On each day, a group of industry professionals, researchers, and experts will be invited to talk about topics such as: 3D as a designer, 3D as a fashion brand, 3D in marketing and e-commerce, 3D as a fashion production house, and collaborating along the value chain.

The conversations will give thought-provoking insights and help generate ideas on what digital fashion might mean for your company and how to make the transition to 3D. So whether you are at the beginning of your journey or you are an expert in the field — there will be something for you to take away!


  • Roundtable 1: Mon, June 14th, 09.15 – 10.00 CEST on Zoom
  • Roundtable 2: Tue, June 15th, 09.15 – 10.00 CEST on Zoom
  • Roundtable 3: Wed, June 16th, 09.15 – 10.00 CEST on Zoom

Nathalie Mühlendorph
Project Partner
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Project team

Aarhus University

  • Alexandra Ilg
  • Kata Borönte
  • Marianne Ping Huang


Project partners

Design School Kolding

  • Christel Arnevik

Lifestyle and Design Cluster

  • Nathalie Mühlendorph

Roundtable 1:

Mon, June 14th, 09.15 – 10.00 CEST on Zoom

Brands, creativity, new possibilities 


  • Traditional fashion design vs. 3D fashion design
  • Why go digital?


  • Schirin Negahbani, Independent digital fashion designer &
    creative technologist, Founder @ polygondressing
  • Ditte Bjerring, 3D Fashion Supervisor, Founder @ VONOA
  • Kristina Nedeljkovic, Freelance 3D Fashion Specialist,
    Founder @ 3DKN

Roundtable 2:

Tue, June 15th, 09.15 – 10.00 CEST on Zoom

Education, industry, transition


  • 3D for visual content vs. 3D for manufacturing
  • What skills are needed?


  • Signe Ungermand, Immersive storytelling and VR, Founder @
  • Trine Brodie, 3D Lead Designer @ United Textile Group
  • Emil Østergaard, MA Design for Planet @ Design School Kolding

Roundtable 3:

Wed, June 16th, 09.15 – 10.00 CEST on Zoom

Experience, immersion, inclusion


  • 3D fashion now vs. in the future, Where are we heading?


  • Lili Eva Bartha, XR Lead for Virtual Solutions and Immersive
    Experiences, Founder @ Digital Fashion Framework
  • Simone Bakke, MA Design for Planet @ Design School Kolding
  • Susanne Vos, Digital Fashion Designer @ The Fabricant

Schirin Negahbani 

Schirin is a Berlin based digital fashion designer, artist & creative technologist who loves to tell stories through digital creations.
In her work she is driven to pair abstract & moving aesthetics with immersive tools, using technology at its full potential. She finds unlimited inspiration in the field of digital fashion, where she seeks to bring her creations to life in the metaverse.

Ditte Bjerring

Ditte Bjerring started her journey at VONOA in the summer of 2020. VONOA is an innovative organisation that aims at helping the Danish textile industry experimenting with 3D technology. Ditte has a degree in Purchasing Management, but now works as a 3D supervisor and have been doing projects for VILA, Nü, Kabooki, Newline and Stine Goya.

Kristina Nedelkjovic

Kristina is a 3D Fashion Specialist with four years of working experience in a fast-fashion company and few months spent with suppliers in China where she got to know more about supply chain, product development, manufacturing and pricing. Today she is self-employed at 3DKN.
3DKN is a digital fashion studio that aimes to help fashion companies on their digital journey and express their designs with innovation.
Kristina wanted to use her knowledge to help other people get on the digital path with some cool showcases and design, but also ”design for manufacturing‘’ to reduce physical samples which she considers her biggest strength in 3D.

Maria Herholdt Engermann

With a bachelor degree in VIA Film & Transmedia, Aarhus, Denmark, Maria has a deep craving hunger for new media storytelling – especially within transmedia and virtual reality (VR). For the last five years she have been specializing in how to create VR experiences, that can attract international attention proven by having experiences exhbited all over the world at various A-ranked film festivals such as Cannes- and Venice film festival. Today she’s the founder of the VR/AR company MANND, and together with co-founder Signe Ungermand where they are always seeking new and creative projects pushing the boundaries of VR and AR.

Trine Brodie

Trine Brodie, 3D design manager at United Textile Group. I’m madly in love with 3D within the fashion industry and I’m so excited and happy to part of the 3D journey we all started on.

Emil Østergaard

Emil is a menswear designer specialised in digital fashion with a holistic approach to sustainability through circularity and design for longevity. In his research, he experiments with combining the digital and physical in new hybrid formats. Using 3D software, he is working on designing and engaging with fashion in new ways to create more meaningful experiences and develop a stronger bond between garments and users. Together with his teaching in CLO3D, Emil strives to explore how the digital can shape tomorrow’s practice of sustainable fashion design.

Lili Eva Bartha

Lili is a postdisciplinary scientist and designer, exploring new horizons in digital media and experience design, with 3D and XR tools, Artificial Intelligence, and multisensory landscapes. She is led by her passion for Computational Arts and Sustainable Futures, and by her motivation to democratize the use of emerging technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. Through combining traditional and new media forms, she engages global audiences in discussions on critical issues in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The diversity of her creative practice originates from her scientific training (Applied Mathematics MSc) and creative perspective (Fashion MA and industry expertise). Lili researches at the Royal College of Art and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, while being a visiting lecturer at a number of universities. With Digital Fashion Framework, the digital innovation studio Lili founded in 2020, she is looking at digital fashion design and emerging technologies (XR, Artificial Intelligence and immersive experience design) to develop tools that can create new bridges between product and consumer, while also accommodating new types of fashion production and consumption.

Susanne Vos

Suza Vos is a digital fashion designer at The Fabricant. A digital-only fashion house, in which they exploit nothing but data and imagination. She comes from a background of tailoring and traditional fashion design. She is self-taught in 3D software to combine craftsmanship with technology. Within The Fabricant Suza leads productions, create concepts and designs thought-couture, which they present during frequent twitch streams. She envisions the future of fashion to be co-collaborative and gets it’s value of the hybrid narratives directly presented for and by the community.

Simone Olivia Bakke

With a background in fashion and tailoring Simone started questioning how, as a designer, she can develop, use and buy her designs in her Master program at Design School Kolding with a focus on sustainability.
Her Master project is merging the knowledge and technologies of 3 industries: Fashion, 3D and the VR industry, to investigate the future use and purpose of digital fashion.

Simone’s mission is to challenge the use, the understanding and potential of digital fashion in order to create sustainable values. By exploring the bridge between physical and digital, immersive experiences, and storytelling driven by new digital technologies she works with a proposal for a future VR digital fashion test room, where we as designers and consumers can test a product before we produce and buy it. 


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