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C-VOUCHER opens to applications: Get support to turn/switch your enterprise to circular economy

Is your enterprise a SME from the manufacturing-, food-, health-, or textile industry or the maritime sector? And do you have an idea for how your business or production, can be adapted into a more sustainable direction?

Then you got the opportunity to become a part of C-Voucher and get the necessarily support to implement circular business models in your corporation.

The EU-supported project C-Voucher, in which Lifestyle & Design Cluster participate as partner, has now opened for its first application round.

In C-Voucher it is possible to get a voucher or coupon, for up to 60.000 euro (nearly 450.000 DkK) to finance knowledge and technologically help to switch the company to circular economy.

For example, it can be an assistance to adjust business models, supply chain, or product designs, so as an example it can be more beneficial to use and recycle materials and waste products in your production.


Sustainability and circular economics are not sufficiently an implemented part of Danish SMEs business models. We have been working with the subject for a long time, and all of our experiences tells us that with the right introduction, sparring and not least guidance this is a topic most companies could use for business development in several different directions, which is ultimately positive for the companies’ bottom line, says Henrik Nørgaard, project leader at Lifestyle & Design Cluster, and partner in C-Voucher.

Out of all applicants for C-Voucher, 12 companies will be selected for a three-day workshop. Here the companies can further develop their ideas for circular solutions and concretize how new technologies and design thinking can be used in the development of the solutions.

Of the 12 companies, six are selected, to become a part of a nine-month long Circularity programme. Here the companies, among other things, have access to technical expertise and one-to-one-guidance in form of a “designer-in-residence”, who helps the company to put the idea for the new circular business model into practice.

Later in the project, the solutions developed in this phase must be spread and implemented in other SMEs in Europe.

You apply to become a part of C-Voucher at c-voucher.com. The application deadline is 30th of November 2018. Lifestyle & Design Clusters Henrik Nørgaard will be available in case of any questions.

Henrik Nørgaard, project leader, Lifestyle & Design Cluster
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Mail: Henrik@LDCluster.com


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