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Circular Fashion Days – 2022

Press release, april 2022

Fashion brands are invited to exhibit products and solutions based on circular economy during the

The national business cluster Lifestyle & Design Cluster has for several years been a bridge builder between fashion brands and knowledge institutions in working with circular economy.

Many companies are already in the process of transforming their business model into a more sustainable direction, and we have already exhibited some of the innovative solutions and business ideas at Circular Fashion Days in 2021.

We are following up the success here in 2022, where companies whose brands, products or solutions are based on a circular model can apply to participate in the exhibition, which is arranged in collaboration with CIFF.

Circular Fashion Days

– We want to promote the sharing of knowledge and inspiration and again this year we look forward to show the good examples, says director Betina Simonsen from Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

Director of CIFF Christina Neustrup is also looking forward to the circular exhibition, which is open to everyone.

– We are happy to be able to welcome exhibitors working with circular solutions again this year. Already in 2021, we experienced great interest in Circular Fashion Days, where guests could experience examples of the green transformation that is so necessary for the fashion industry, she says.

Talks og speakers

As an extra attraction for the visitors, several so-called “Speaker’s Circles” will be held, where the audience can sign up for guided tours of the exhibition at scheduled times, and where the exhibitors can present their products, their circular business models and tell their story.

In addition, several talks, and debates on current topics in the fashion industry will be held both at the stand and as a part of the official program. Here you will be able to meet and hear about brands that can point out circular focal points and a way to solve these, just as it will be possible here to present and roll out cases from the exhibition itself.

What can the exhibited products be about?
In the future, the linear and environmentally damaging business model must be replaced by a circular and more climate-neutral business model. The most recent announcements on the EU textile strategy recently published underline the importance of the industry adapting to a much more circular mindset with recycled materials and in a design and quality that ensures long durability. It is examples like these you will find at the exhibition together with solutions such as rental or resale arrangements that optimizes use and extended service life. Finally, products that are part of take back arrangement can also be an option.

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