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Design Match: A compressed and successful program

Lifestyle & Design Cluster held in collaboration with Design Denmark, Business by Design and d2i – Design to Innovate recently Design Match, where we, after the best Kirsten Giftekniv recipe, facilitated meetings between both established and more untested designers and companies from the Danish furniture and interiors industry.

In the sun on Godsbanen, more than 60 people appeared to potentially find the designer or company that could become a future partner in relation to new competencies or the development of new products.

There was a lot of satisfaction with the event, which catered to new design talents in the industry as well as the more established forces, as well as the companies had also met with a strong voice – curious to meet the selected designers and inspire new collaboration opportunities and new ideas.

Today’s program consisted of speed dating between designers and companies. 20 minutes to trace each other, and so on to the next. A difficult exercise, but nevertheless a discipline, the many attendees were really well pleased with.

Positive energy and good meetings

One of today’s participating designers was Lars Vejen, an independent designer and architect of Design Studio Lars Vejen.

“I’m participating today, as I’m curious about what’s out there waiting to break through clean design. Otherwise, my primary reason for the participation is that I will of course show new potential partners what I can and I’ll see what they can offer. In the end, it’s business, says Lars Vejen, and says he was pleased with the setup today:

– There is a very positive energy, which is also seen on the number of participants. I have had two really good meetings during the organized speed dating, while I also had a blind date over a cup of coffee. I certainly hope that it throws something concrete. The companies I’ve talked to have all the challenges that lie within my skills so it’s just because we can find a good solution together, “said Lars Vejen.

It was backed by, amongst others, the brand MUUBS who was on talent hunt.

“We are here today to meet a lot of new designers. We have an in-house designer, but would like to have new eyes on our assortment, “said Eric Farges, Sales Manager at MUUBS, who was also excited about the design being prepared.

– Many of those we’ve talked to already have a lot of insight into MUUBS, the way we design and our DNA. It is positive that they have made the trouble.

 Time is money – also in search of new design

At MUUBS ‘posted employees, there was also satisfaction with the speed dating constellation that made the search for new designers manageable.

“Being able to meet so many in a short period of time in a busy day has been fantastic. I think there have been good potential designers in relation to us so it’s great to see that you can do it this way, where we do not spend a lot of time driving around to many different designers, but meeting many in one place, said Penille Skou, Marketing Manager at MUUBS.

Just the fact, Louise Siig Nielsen, who designs under the name of Louise Siig Design Studio, could not recognize:

“It has been really useful to me as an independent and relatively new designer, that there were so many different brands and other designers I could talk to and present my ideas and competences for.

She was generally very pleased with today’s dividend, which included more positive meetings.

“I’ve got a lot of participation today. It has also been possible to talk with other companies than those who were just planned so it has been very good.

 The numbers speak

Over half of the participants have subsequently answered the questionnaire survey Lifestyle & Design Cluster has sent out. Here the numbers look very positive too. All responses wish the concept repeated and also report great satisfaction with today’s course, which naturally brings joy to Project Match, Joan Knudsen, from Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

“Of course, we are really pleased with the great satisfaction of Design Match and very pleased with today’s progress. It has been important that we, together with our collaborators, have established a common, professional set up that accommodates both the desires and needs of the designers and companies. So nice that the participants confirm our perception of the day as being profitable and that they want a similar event repeated on a later occasion, she says.

Design Match is an activity in Lifestyle & Design Cluster in collaboration with Design Denmark, Business by Design and D2i- Design to Innovate.


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