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Designers of the future on the catwalk

Designers of the future on the catwalk


For the third consecutive year, Future of Fashion combines a show with recruitment at Børsen in Copenhagen, where Danish and international companies can meet new graduates from three of Denmark’s leading design schools.


Future of Fashion will present Danish and international fashion companies with an opportunity to meet new talent from Denmark’s leading design schools at Børsen in Copenhagen on 24 June. The graduation event is an open stage for newly graduated designers to show their talent and introduce themselves to the industry.


“Future of Fashion is a comprehensive event introducing Danish and international companies to fresh new talent from top-notch design schools. From previous years’ experience, we know that international companies are also interested in seeing what Denmark can do. This collaboration between companies and institutions helps to introduce new graduates to both the Danish and the international job markets and benefits all parties. And it is of course also a plus for Denmark, which has a strong design sector, that we stand together and display our potential”, says Betina Simonsen, director of Innonet Lifestyle – Interior & Clothing and the organiser of the event.


Mixing fashion events and recruitment

The goal of the event is to make fashion and textile companies in particular aware of Denmark’s pool of talent. Future of Fashion introduces new designers, and facilitates their entry into the job market, increasing their chance of successful recruitment.


Design School Kolding and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts will be hosting fashion shows, while VIA Design (Teko) graduates will be showing clips from their latest graduation show. All students will have their portfolios on display, and companies and designers will have an outstanding opportunity to network.




”An initiative such as Future of Fashion is a strong advantage point in increasing the visibility of and strengthening the fashion industry. There is an outstanding high-quality synergy when companies and institutions come together to help new designers start their careers.


We must at all times be able to provide exactly the employees there is a need for, and Future of Fashion does a brilliant job at connecting new designers with the special requirements of the fashion industry. ”

Ingrid Søe, Director of Education and Research at VIA Design (formerly Teko Design + Business)

“It’s wonderful to be able to present the new 2015 generation of fashion designers – a generation that is challenged by the fashion industry, and always designs with courage and creativity from the perspective of rethinking and reformulating fashion. They are young, ambitious, creative, experimental and talented, and they have already tried their hand out in the real fashion world, both nationally and internationally. They are a new generation of extremely talented designers with a lot in their hearts, who are excited to showcast their fashion statements at the joint design school event at Børsen. ”

Ann Merete Ohrt, Head of BA and MA Fashion Programme, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


”The importance of fashion design cannot be overstated in contemporary culture. As such, young graduates play a key role in generating new, creative impulses for the fashion industry.  This is true for the development of Danish design but it’s also a necessity for building sustainable futures in fashion. The synergy between business demands and visionary innovation is where the Future of Fashion platform positions itself internationally.”

Nadine Möllenkamp, Head of Fashion, Design School Kolding


For additional information, contact project leader Ulla Skjødt at ulla@itsfashiondarling.dk

or at (+45) 2624 3224.


Time: Wednesday 24 July , 4:00 p.m.

Place: Børsen, Slotsholmsgade 1, 1217 Copenhagen


Participating schools:

Design School Kolding, Royal Academy of Fine Arts and VIA Design (formerly Teko Design + Business)



Future of Fashion is an Innonet Lifestyle – Interior & Clothing initiative organised in collaboration with Design School Kolding, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and VIA Design, and WEAR/Dansk Erhverv, Dansk Mode & Textil and Kopenhagen Fur.


Further details on: www.innonetlifestyle.com


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