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Digital growth culture – project on digitalization at SMVs


”We have a web shop ect.”… But how genius-digital is your company really? This is the question, which the programme Digital Growth Culture tries to answer.

We are off to a good start in Denmark, when it comes to digitalization and e-commerce. But we can always be better. With the entire world as competition, it is crucial that we turn up the digitalization, if we want our companies to grow.

Digital Growth-culture is competency programme, with digitalization as a focus point, which gives you or your employees the tool to improve and redeem the company’s development potential. You will get help to develop your competencies for both leaders and employees under good guidance, so your company will be strong in all elements of digitalization.

Download the flyer regarding the project here and spread the word.

Read more on our project site here or directly at www.digitalvækstkultur.dk

Contact project leader Heidi Svane Pedersen for further information: heidi@ldcluster.com



Departments in Jutland
Birk Centerpark 38
7400 Herning
Phone: +45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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Headstart Fashion HOUSE
Mindet 4
8000 Aarhus C
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com

Marsvej 6
7430 Ikast
E-mail: sylab@ldcluster.com
Department in Copenhagen
Frederiksholms Kanal 30 B1, 1. sal
DK - 1220 København K
Ph.:+45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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