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Newly master-educated designers and unique talents are the blood, that makes fashion to a marvellous size, which changes season by season. They are the lifeblood, which undoubtedly keeps the fashions heartbeat in a permanent rhythm. But lifeblood needs to flow, and designers needs recognition.

Therefore, Future of Fashion this season matches designers with established actors in the fashion industry, while giving young designers an opportunity to show creations and themselves to a large international audience. For the good for everyone and the future.

Wednesday during the fashion week, will 19 sets of young feet trip nervously behind the scenes of the CIFF showcases during the Copenhagen Fashion Week. The runway is filled with creations carried by the owners of the nervous -19 young final year students from Design school Kolding and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK). They are the stars in the show, we have chosen to call “Future of Fashion – La Grande Finale”.  For especially three of the exhibiting designers, it is no doubt a finale. None of the designers know who, but after the show, three of them leaves with a travel grant from the Lund-Bugge Foundation of 7500 DKK.

However, La Grande Finale is a two-part show. At 11 o’clock the first models take place on the runway, but already an hour earlier, the designers shake hands with specially invited guests from business and the fashion industry, which will help the transition from students to graduated fashion creators, says Betina Simonsen, Adm. Managerof the Lifestyle & Design Cluster Innovation Network. Which in collaboration with educational institutions and industry organizations, is behind the Future of Fashion.

-This year’s Future of Fashion is the fifth edition of a concept we are incredibly pleased with. This summer we add a new element in the form of matchmaking between the graduating students and specially invited VIPs from Danish fashion and the Danish business community. The decisive steps towards establishing themselves as fashion designers from the point of newly graduated master students can be difficult, but it is precisely that transition we try to help with an event like this during the Copenhagen Fashion Week. In this way, the newly educated designers get a unique network and visibility in an industry, they soon will become an important part of.

Before the show, the graduating designers from Design School Kolding and KADK, will showc their portfolio of looks and collections where specially invited brand owners, designers and other fashionable people can contribute with knowledge, experiences, sparring and, not least, be inspired by new and different thoughts of the young designers.

For further information contact:

Journalist & PR-Manager Anders Skou Kristiansen, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, anders@ldcluster.com, mobile +45 29 36 14 08

Adm. Manager Betina Simonsen, Lifestyle & Design Cluster,

betina@ldcluster.com, mobile +45 29 36 00 90


Time:Wednesday the 9. of August 2018 at 10.00 -the show starts at 11.00

Place:CIFF Showscene, Bella Center, 2300 København S, Denmark

Future of Fashion works to promote the fashion industry’s visibility and seeks to support the development and matchmaking of the new talents.

At Hotel Skt. Petri, Bachelor-educated designers from KADK shows their creations.


Future of Fashion is a n activity in Lifestyle & Design Cluster, which is organized with the partners Design School Kolding and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) in collaboration with WEAR/Danish Business, Dansk Fashion & Textile, Kopenhagen Fur and CIFF.

From Show to sale

The potential and visibility of the new designers at the Future of Fashion is wide -that appears by earlier versions of the show.

  • Rikke Møller Pedersen from KADK got a job at By Malene Birger.
  • Iben Lea Rasmussen (KADK) got a job at the fashion giant H&M.
  • Julie Amalie Svensson used Future of Fashions 2016 edition to secure a job at Preen.

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