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Gamification seminar was a great succes

In november this year Innonet Lifestyle hosted a seminar on the topic: Gamification and how gaming structure and techniques can be used to strengthen corporate culture and sales figures. Key speaker was the renowned game designer and researcher Jane McGonigal.

jm-4More than 250 interested people had made their way to the ITU in Copenhagen, where the seminar was being held. Jane McGonigal made her message clear.

She advocates games and sees games and gaming as an approach to address challenges and problems in the real world. The seminar was an event under the project: Map of the future, which is part of Innonet Lifestyle. The main purpose of the project is to develop game, which can helps companies in their strategy work taking trends and tendencies into consideration

A game engages us and brings a lot of positive experiences and consequently makes us play more creative and persistent. We should therefore consider how game design can enrich our lives and work. In this perspective is the opposite of work is not leisure: it is easy!

With a more playful approach to working life and its many tasks we can release a lot of energy and create the kind of commitment that a lot analysis from Research institutes are showing that many people are missing these days.

Companies can benefit from games and gaming

The people participating in the seminar was exited and fascinated by Jane McGonigal and her many suggestions on how companies can benefit from using elements from games to create innovation and development. On questions from the audience about how to motivate business leaders to prioritize this area, McGonigal replied that it is important that the management understands that games can create an extremely engagement.

A company can achieve great results in a very short time, because it can involve and motivate many people at once. As an example, she mentioned an international company that had developed a common platform for all employees in all parts of the world.

About Jane McGonigal

Jane-McGonigal-300x176Jane McGonigal is a pioneer in gamification focusing on the use of game design and game mechanics in the real world. She is the author of the bestselling book “Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World” and has among other things received a number of accolades for her work.

  • “10 Most Powerful Women to Watch” Forbes (2014
  • “10 Best Keynote Speakers in the World” Fora TV (2013)
  • “Young Global Leader” World Economic Forum (2012)
  • “10 Breakthrough Ideas in Science“ New York Times (2011)
  • “20 Most Inspiring Women in the World” Oprah Winfrey (2010)
  • “Top Ten Innovators to Watch” Business Week (2009)

Please visit: http://janemcgonigal.com

The seminar was organized by the Innovation Network Lifestyle – Interior & Clothing in partnership with Visual Growth and Danish Chamber of Commerce. Questions and comments to “Map of Future” can be directed to the project manager Anne Thomas – e-mail: anne@innonetlifestyle.com


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