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New funding for National Circular Economy Hub

Far larger amounts of waste resources, which today often end up being wasted or burned, should in the future be recycled much more. There has just been given a grant of 6 million. Dkr. from the Danish Agency for Science and Innovation for this new strategic focus.

There are especially large amounts of valuable resources in our household organic waste, amongst textiles, plastics – and construction and demolition waste, which today is wasted by incineration. Therefore, a National Cicular Economy Hub, will today work on resolving these challenges via an interdisciplinary team of six innovation network.

The consortium consists of InnoBYG, DMN -plastcenteret, Innovation Network of Environmental Engineering, INBIOM, Food Network and Life Style & Design Cluster, who is project coordinator.
The consortium will work closely with DAKOFA, which sits in the steering committee, and ATS institutes, who also works in the same field. We will work on both transverse activities in cooperation with municipalities, design2disassembly and a certification system as well as in-depth activities within the four hubs: Building & Construction, Clothing, textile & wood, plastic & packaging and agricultural / food.


Departments in Jutland
Birk Centerpark 38
7400 Herning
Phone: +45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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Headstart Fashion HOUSE
Mindet 4
8000 Aarhus C
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com

Marsvej 6
7430 Ikast
E-mail: sylab@ldcluster.com
Department in Copenhagen
Frederiksholms Kanal 30 B1, 1. sal
DK - 1220 København K
Ph.:+45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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Lifestyle & Design Cluster
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