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Nordisk Company makes products for the outdoor enthusiasts who live in the wild.

Therefore, it is perfectly appropriate that the company with the participation in Digital Growth Culture has taken the hiking boots on a digital journey in a terrain that is still relatively unknown to the company based in Silkeborg.

However, from the very start the company was aware of what they wanted to achieve with the participation.

“For us, the very big motivation factor has been to get some sparring and help on how we build our business up to be B2C-oriented. With DVK we are going to be closer to our end consumers, who we would like to sell directly to. We are originally very B2B-oriented, which we must continue with, but we must also be able to go a more direct way to the customers. This is where DVK for us has been really helpful”, says Michael Møller, CFO at Nordisk Company.

B2C platform as a motivational factor

Nordisk Company has now begun their digital journey, where a new platform is the big gain. “It is important for us that we do not compromise on our B2B part. Our upcoming web shop must reflect our DNA and brand. It is not just a sales channel that we go for, but it is of course the ambition that we can increase sales through a web shop on the long run,” says Michael Møller.

Another factor in the efforts to achieve the goal will be data.

“We now need to create traffic and not least measure it. We need to find out how we get closer to the customer purely digitally. The good thing about such a project as this, is that we get closer to the customer, but that it is not only digital. We are quite sure that data can also be used in other ways than just digital”, says Michael Møller and continues:

“For us, it has also been important that we have a project, which is very down to earth. We joined the DVK because we could get some valuable tools and help.”

Financial investment priorities

What almost all participating companies in DVK have in common is that they can quickly see that digitization requires a lot.Nordisk Company knew this as well, explains Michael Møller, but it is still a balance to find the required resources and not least the time.

“We will not spend more money to digitalization, but we will prioritize our time and resources. We find three to five points that we will prioritize, and that is where we will put our effort. It will also be exciting to see how things work, and then we can develop from it”, explains the CFO.Fortunately, the company’s employees have a good spirit, and all want to participate in the process that Nordisk Company is currently working on. Even, if this means that the employees have to acquire some competences they do not have at the moment.

“People think it’s really exciting with the new initiatives. Some things we can already do while we are giving ourselves other things along the way. We can’t just go out and hire a brand-new organization. Now we can clearly see where we are going, we can enjoy the small success stories, along the way, and use them to learn. We have created the basis for improving, and in relation to an increased focus on digitization, we will probably have other things in mind when hiring new people in the future”, says Michael Møller.

The customer journey and a sharper focus

Today many companies talk about knowing their customers really well to be able to give them what they want. That is what Nordisk Company wants too. “We clearly have an eye on customers now in a different way than previously. We push ourselves to remember them and to have them in focus. We are looking forward to starting to get data on the customers, so we don’t just think we know what they want – but actually know it instead. We believe this is the way forward”, says Michael Møller.

For the same reason, it is also important for Nordisk Company that they become better at prioritize their time and efforts.

“We are well aware that things take time, and of course we do not become totally digital overnight. Now we have chosen a few focus areas.”

Support from management and a digital strategy for the future

At Nordisk Company, they will continue working with the digitization of the company, but at the same time they are very aware that things change quickly. “There are things we know we must have changed and optimized. We do not yet fully know where our next digital step is going, but we know they must be taken, and we are ready to do so”, says Michael Møller.

For him and the rest of Nordisk Company, DVK has been an eye-opener and motivation, which the company is now looking forward to continuing.

“For me to see, we have opened the bag with horizon-expansion. Digitization can quickly become a thing that you can put away, but you should not let it go. Therefore, it has also been good for us that we have been held up for our progress by DVK’s associates.”

Michael Møller is also sure that Nordisk Company in a year will become a stronger company than it is today.

“In a year, we will understand how to use digitalization. We are better at understanding and using data for our benefit, using the opportunities to develop our business. The more we can develop, the better it is. We can develop more safely with data, as it provides us with the basis for a good decision-making. Now we have our B2C web shop up and running for the brand YETI in Denmark, which is why we start testing our various initiatives with this brand and learn from it”, concludes Michael Møller.


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