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RVLT -Digitalization is about having a dynamic mind-set and being conversion ready


RVLT – Revolution creates menswear and a small amount of womenswear for a segment between 15-45 years. The company is very international and can be found at approximately 25 markets. To RVLT the participation in “Digital Vækstkultur” has been very good along with the development they were already in the process of. “we have always been fully aware that we should be digitized. DVK have created oxygen for the embers, given the nuances and help to see, which areas of action have been right for us. Now we set the pace up and get help to reflecting on how we should do things digitally”. Says Palle Bruun Rasmussen, director, co-owner and responsible for the creativity of RVLT.

An important part of betting digitally in a company is to earmark more and other resources. But this is often a big barrier to the companies, as it requires full support from the management. The support is exactly what you find at RVLT, who expresses that they have a digital mindset and culture to grow digitally. In fact, Palle Bruun Rasmussen also points to several activities that have been initiated and implemented in the company to promote digital development. Among other things the entire sales network has been switched to an iPad solution. It has required some change in the company’s normal approach, but the result is that sales processes have become easier. RVLT itself has developed an app for it, in collaboration with a company who asked if RVLT would be into the idea.

To create the app and make it ready was centered around RVLT’s needs. And despite the fact that there has been doubt and skepticism about, rather it will be as good as it used to be, it has been painless to introduce the new digital system. According to Palle Bruun Rasmussen, learning not to be afraid of the digital, is getting started. Everything digitally is dynamic and never done, so do not wait to get started until all is done but acknowledge this dynamic and be adjustable in the process. Digitization will be new, and you will never be finished.

Another action in RVLT, which has turned up during “Digital vækstkultur”, is a web shop. For that project RVLT has received help from others. In addition, expert knowledge has been acquired on how the company can make campaigns on Facebook, digital customer service and marketing, as well as using Google AdWords. This has at the same time generated a need for a person internally in the company, which means a job posting gets closer.


Where to start and what are the good advices?

According to Palle Bruun Rasmussen, a digitization effort is about getting started. It is the mindset and the willingness of change that is most important. – Get started and try it but make it small steps. It takes time and you make mistakes, he says

“We do it together. We have the mindset, but as a leader, I do not know everything. I am equally unaware of the new digital as the others. But we know the most, when we do it together”, is Palles Bruun Rasmussen’s belief. He emphasizes that it is important from the management team to be clear, and to be in an ongoing change, so people can follow and know the terms and conditions.

Palle Bruun Rasmussen answer for the question, if the increased digitization has had an impact on the relationship with customers, such as less physical contact, was: “No, we have not lost the relationship. We are still at eye level with our customers. And we get data that we can process faster – it makes things easier”.


What is the strategy?

Has RVLT followed a strategy for the digital growth?

“We have made a strategy through the process, but I’m a little doubtful if it is ever going to be done. It is definitely good to have, but it’s changing all the time”. According to Palle Bruun Rasmussen, the strategy should not be too precise, and you should not let it limit you. RVLT uses it as a good guide line. As a part of the foundation of a digitization process.

The strategy may be in the drawer, but the actions taken in RVLT are strategically maintained.

“Digitalization can be both short and long-term. We have been curious about the digital through this process – it has pointed at a mindset we already had, “says Palle Bruun Rasmussen.


RVLT’s best advice in relation to digitization

The best advice, Palle Bruun Rasmussen, can give to companies, who are going to start their digital journey are:

• Step by step – Do not cast your net too wide, you risk catching too many sprats, and do not think you’ll get it all at once. You do not.

• Be sure to include yourself in the process – do not just outsource and believe that there is a complete solution. You must be curious about the process.

• Purchase knowledge and services but build it from the inside.

• See digitization as an aid and not a limitation – like a new version of what you already do.

• See digitization as something that ensures your continued existence and justification.

• Do not be afraid.


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