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SDG In Action

SDG in Action: Get started with the UN World Goal

More and more organizations are focusing on the UN’s 17 world goals these years, but one thing is focus another is AKTION! It requires that you get information and knowledge of the 17 goals (and the 169 sub-goals) as well as the technologies and trends that can help to achieve the goals.

Lifestyle & Design Cluster, with its partners, invites you to the second of 7 events.

The purpose of the meetings is to create a space for knowledge sharing through networking and debate among other things. Typically, a knowledge institution or company will provide a keynote with the latest knowledge (including hands-on experience) related to world goals. For example, it may be how a technology, or a goal can affect your value chain. Furthermore, it will be proposed that you can share your experiences or challenges with the work towards achieving the goals.

We call it Sustainable Development Goals in action!

“When existing SMVs (small and medium sized companies) take responsibility for the future – that’s how you get started with the world goals!”

At this meeting, Lone Ditmer from Dansk Wilton and Bent Hübertz from KLS PurePrint will give presentations about their actions in connection with the transition to becoming more environmentally and socially sustainable companies.

Discussion and networking will be organized to help you walk out the door with inspiration and insight into how to get better at working with the UN World Goal.

Furthermore 6 thematic meetings will be hold (2 per six months) until the end of 2020.

The course has also been known as Pitch Evenings, but since the focus is on action and knowledge sharing from multiple perspectives, it has been renamed SDG in action.

The meeting takes place on November 25, 2019 at 15.30 – 17.30

Dansk Wilton
Højskolevej 3
7400 Herning, Denmark

More info will follow, but book now by pre-registering here

NOTE! You only sign up for one meeting at a time, so there is no obligation to attend all 7 meetings.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

On behalf of,

Marianne Ping Huang (AU), Torsten Ringberg (CBS), Aase Højlund Nielsen (D2i), Morten Haargaard (KEA), Martin Storkholm Nielsen (VIA)

SDG IN ACTION! is an activity in Lifestyle & Design Cluster


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