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Sirup is a fashion store that sells a large number of well-known brands for women and a bit of interior. Sirup was started as a web shop but to meet the customer’s needs, they have had to open a shop a little outside Aalborg.

“It has been really good for us to get some new perspectives on how we can think creativity and innovation into Sirup. For example, we got a lot from the Business Model Canvas. A reminder that we not only have to remember ourselves, but also all our suppliers and partners. And the sparring one to one, have helped us get very specific knowledge to create some changes for Sirup”, says Lene Duve, a graphic artist and marketing assistant at the fashion store Sirup, one of the participants in Digital Growth Culture.

“The motivation for participating has been to get some new theoretical angles. We have got statistics, studies and knowledge and started our development in the company”, says Lene Duve.

When asked if resources have been added to Sirup on the basis of the DVK effort, Lene Duve replies that, in addition to the online Flipover magazine, they have started, they are having workshops internally within the company, so the knowledge that the participants have received through DVK can be passed on. In the long term, Sirup also sees good opportunities for getting interns, something Digital Growth culture can help to communicating and matching the company with. According to Lene Duve, her manager Henriette’s mindset and support for the digital initiatives is crucial for Sirup to get success with digitization.

“If we after a meeting with DVK come to her with the ideas, also what goes beyond what we have planned and therefore requires more resources, then she is in to it. We couldn’t do that without the support”, emphasizes Lene Duve.

“It is very important that management agrees that some resources should be used – not only that they spend time for participation, but also that the time spent at home in the company is allocated so that it can be developed and worked on”, says Lene Duve.

What do you get for that time? How does one explain to his manager and the company that time is necessary? Lene believes that being part of Digital Growth Culture saves time to the company.

“You skip some parts by getting knowledge and sparring early in the digital process and getting it started right, instead wasting time and resources because you did not have the right knowledge.”

– Like having an action plan and getting some guidelines to navigate has been beneficial for Sirup, where it is busy. Then it’s nice to have set some plans and goals so the internal support is in place – but what about the customers?

“The small efforts to give customers a good experience started a long time ago with sweets and small, handwritten messages when delivering packages. After DVK, we have been inspired by new initiatives to improve the customer experience, for example small Christmas gifts that we send throughout December – everything has been positively welcomed by our customers”, says Lene Duve.

– Our suppliers have also welcomed it. The only place Sirup has faced challenges has been in relation to what can be done to develop. Here is the recommendation from Sirup:

As a shopkeeper and IT developer, you speak different languages. Therefore, find a common language to turn ideas into action – also technically.


Where to start and what is the good advices?

If Lene Duve had to give some good advices to other companies who are facing the digital journey, then it would be to gather their questions, jump on the course and get help. – You do not have to be clarified what your challenges are, because you get help in the process. If you are unsure, jump on and get help for a strategy and plan. According to Lene Duve, it is an obvious opportunity to get many different resources within different fields that one can pick from.

“I cannot think of a better place with so many competences are gathered. It is almost an entrepreneurial course that you are connected to”, says Lene Duve.

“Then hop on and grab some who know something”, ends Lene Duve.


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