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Skagerak is a Danish design company based in North Jutland. The company has a wide selection of design furniture and accessories, which are exported to more than 40 countries. Skagerak joined Digital Growth Culture (DVK in Danish) at a time when they were in the middle of a large, digital change with streamlining all the data in the work towards a large web shop. The effort is centered on the large job involved in streamlining all master data and getting them to play together. Skagerak has used the various workshops at DVK to, among others, structure the work with these data as well as the internal restructurings in connection with this effort, to secure everyone is involved, both processes and people.


Digitization must take place in teams, not silos – and management must back up

Skagerak’s participants in DVK are from both sales and marketing and being a team means much, since digitization involves the entire company, according to Maj Thierry Krabbe, Skagerak’s Project Manager on marketing. In addition to having invested in digitization in the company, Maj Thierry Krabbe and her team experience clear support from the management and a culture to grow digitally. And this, according to Maj Thierry Krabbe, plays a big role when you bet digitally. In Skagerak there is a management that clearly sees that it is the right way forward to invest digitally.

May Thierry Krabbe also emphasizes that digitization is a longer process and patients is necessary. It takes time, but she is not doubting, it will be good. Next year, Skagerak will be in the air with their web shop, and therefore they have been able to use DVK’s workshops in particular.

“We been looking into how we used our master data before the course and got it streamlined and created automatic data draws. We use and organize our data better now,” says Maj Thierry Krabbe.

According to her, this is a long, tough move and a lot of hard footwork. – But it will definitely be worth it, when we get a good control of data and data flows, and that the internal systems are in place, when the web shop is to be launched, she explains. Another example of the fact that DVK has been beneficial for Skagerak has been to work with service design and customer travel through the game Add Value. This Skagerak used specifically to get knowledge and see things in a new way in relation to their web shop. There is much to think about guiding the customer into the shops and ensuring that there is a focus on that both retailers and customers can access what they need.


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