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Sylab now as a part of socio-economic initiatives in Central Denmark Region

Innovatorium in Birk forms the framework for conference – how do we get everyone on board?

How do we give citizens from socially disadvantaged areas greater ties with local businesses? How do we create job opportunities for young autists and how can we prepare a different employment effort for war veterans? These are just some of the questions asked and answered to a conference that brings together employment projects from the entire region of Central Jutland.

Managers, project managers and business consultants gathers on Tuesday for a conference called Learning Room. Because it’s the purpose of the conference – to create a space for learning. A learning room that will make us more aware of how we best get different audiences with different challenges into the labour market. Learning room is a mid-term conference launched by Rummelig imidt, which is the name of a project that has been working since 2015 to bring people on the edge of the labour market back to jobs in the region of Central Jutland. The method consists of developing innovative activities that will reconsider the efforts offered to different target groups. The activities are developed in cooperation with, for example municipalities, unions or other actors. Time has passed. Experiences are done. Results are beginning to be seen and it is precisely the knowledge that needs to be disseminated and shared between employers in the field of employment at the Learning Room.

Two projects from Herning-area

 Rummelig imidt has collaborations throughout the region of Central Jutland, which to the Learning Room presents their activities. Here the Herning-area is also represented with two activities. Co-Creation Gullestrup, as well as an inclusion course at Sylab. Herning municipality experienced an additional challenge in getting citizens from Gullestrup in work as the area is socially charged with many citizens who are outside the labour market. It became a co-operation with Rummelig imidt around Co-Creation Gullestrup, which will create cohesion and association with local businesses. The project will try to get citizens back into labour market through new relationships, anchored in the local area.

Co-Creation Gullestrup is just one of the projects that present their experiences and work to the Learning Room. 12 activities participate at the day and the activities work with widely different target groups. Everything from young autists, mentally vulnerable, deaf and hearing impaired and adult with social assistance recipients.


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