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TAKEOFF Career Day will for the second year in a row act as matchmaker between design students and companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry

Students and graduates once again have the opportunity to talk directly with future employers.

The goal of Career Day 2019 is to make the transition from student and graduate to employee easier.

Networking in this forum can also give the opportunities for internships, examination assignments in collaboration with relevant companies, study jobs or permanent employment. The companies are given a unique opportunity to hand-pick the most brilliant talents from the country’s design schools and universities.

The four programs VIA University College, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK), Syddansk University and Design School Kolding have, in collaboration with Lifestyle & Design Cluster created another career day. The four schools and universities all have design and fashion-oriented educations, which is why the Career Day will also target companies in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Among the participating companies is the multibrand fashion house DK Company. The company was founded in 2001, counts 22 brands and houses 2,300 employees. DK Company participates in Career Day because of the recruitment opportunities provided by the event:

“We would like to meet tomorrow’s employees and tell them who we are, with the hope that someone would like to apply for a job with us. We like to hire trainees, and several times an internship has resulted in a job with us in one of our departments,” says DK Company.

Head of Fashion at Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Christian Chapelle, points out that a career event like this is needed in the industry:

“We know how challenging it can be to exchange your student card for an employment contract with a company in the fashion and lifestyle industry, but that is precisely why Career Day is so relevant. Networking is essential in the lifestyle industry, and that is what students can get, while companies are given the opportunity to meet students and graduates who, with their educational profiles, fit into their businesses”.

Lifestyle & Design Cluster sees Career Day as one of the core tasks of being an innovation network:

“One of our important tasks as an innovation network is to bridge the gap between students and graduates, knowledge institutions and companies in the lifestyle industry. TAKEOFF Career Day 2019 is an obvious way to bring the most important players in the Danish fashion and lifestyle industry together under one roof in order to create the most inspiring surroundings for potential collaborations in the future for all”, says Betina Simonsen, Director of Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

TAKEOFF Career Day 2019 will take place on Thursday, November 7 at 13-16 in the City Hall of Aarhus. There is free admission for everyone to the event. Registration is required when attending a stand or attending as a guest.

Register here. 

For more information contact:

Christian Chapelle, Head of Fashion Lifestyle & Design Cluster, phone. +45 24 20 72 07, mail: christian@ldcluster.com.


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