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Future Of Fashion 2017

Future of Fashion 2017

Newly proclaimed, graduate-educated designers and unique talents are the blood that make the mood to a marvelous size that is…

BaltSe@nioR 1.00

BaltSe@nioR 1.00

BaltSe@nior is a result of previous collaboration between several partners addressing the same topic: Smart furniture solutions for the growing…

Nordic Furniture Insight

Nordic Furniture Insight

The common reference points for many Nordic furniture designers is an opportunity to inspire and collaborate with companies across the…


Birk Centerpark 38
7400 Herning, Denmark
Ph.: +45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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Marsvej 6
7430 Ikast, Denmark
Ph.: +45 7190 8922 E-mail: sylab@ldcluster.com

Headstart Fashion HOUSE
Mindet 4
8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Ph.: +45 2420 7207
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
Office in BLOXHUB
Frederiksholms Kanal 30 A5, 1. sal
1220 København K, Denmark
Ph.:+45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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Lifestyle Lab CPH
Bredgade 74, stuen
1260 København
Ph.: +45 2074 7683
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com

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