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Circular Fashion & Textile Days 2022

Meet us at CIFF

During Copenhagen Fashion Week, we will be hosting two talks at CIFF.

Thursday, August 10th (10-10:45 AM):


The EU Textile strategy aim to make fast fashion go out of fashion, so how do we create business models that meet the future?

What business models can slow down the fashion system, make it become more resource efficient, more circular and still economically viable?

Are circular business models a new way to assure revenue and how are the models performing on the market?

 During this conversation we are looking into three circular business models: repair, rent and resale.


  • Thomas Vangsgaard, CEO at Spejder Sport.
  • Anna Österdahl, Sustainability Lead, Les Deux
  • Amalie Bjerager Arnesen, Co-founder & CEO at FJONG Danmark.

Moderator: Frederik Thrane, Project Manager, Circular Economy, Lifestyle & Design Cluster


Friday, August 11th (11-11:45 AM):


Fashion is embarking on a transformative journey towards transparency, regulation and innovation.

Especially in the Nordic, we are perceived as responsible but is the industry willing to invest in documenting this? Is blockchain the long-awaited evolution for fashion? A tool for transparency, documentation and competitive advantage?

Soon there is not room for keeping secrets in the supply chain and as a brand you must track and trace one thread at a time towards a consumer-facing transparency.

During this conversation specialist from brands, research and technology will discuss how technology not only supports the industry in meeting coming legislation but shows inspiring examples and collaborations that makes brands more competitive.


Nikol Rakic, Chief Supply Chain Officer hos performancewear-mærket Reima brænder for beklædningsindustrien og har en lang historie fra førende globale sports-, mode- og livsstilsmærker. Hendes kræfter og erfaring ligger i at drive forsyningskæde-, sourcing-, drift- og optimering. Nikol mener, at modefremtiden rummer samarbejde, betroede partnerskaber, styrkelse og udvikling af dette team, der skal klare den bæredygtige udfordring.

Shameek Ghosh, CEO og medstifter af teknologi- og serviceleverandøren TrusTrace og medlem af Forbes Technology Council. Med mere end 20 års erfaring med at arbejde for store it-selskaber, har Shameek personligt været vidne til teknologiens transformative kræfter. Dette inspirerede ham til at stifte TrusTrace, der satte sig for at accelerere bæredygtig transformation i modeindustrien og fundamentalt ændre, hvordan der produceres og forbruges.

Birgitte Langer, Business Development Director at the leather supplier SPOOR. Birgitte Holgaard Langer has a background in international fashion and the retail industry and has worked for the Bestseller Group and as licensee of the LEGO Group and Italian Lamborghini. Today, Birgitte is heading up the Danish brand Spoor Leather, which is all about delivering full traceability back to single animals on quality hides to brands working with leather. Spoor is one of the first brands in Denmark to integrate blockchain as a supporting technology for transparency, traceability an sustainable innovation.

Isabella Holmgaard, CSR & Sustainability Manager at the fashion brand Message. As CSR & Sustainability Manager at MESSAGE, Isabella Holmgaard is responsible for the development and implementation of comprehensive strategies for 2024 and 2030, incorporating her innovative approach and passion for circularity within her role.

Previously she has been the leader of several circular economy projects and is a domain expert on circular economy since 2013, with several years of experience in circular business models, economic growth, and sustainable development.




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