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Lifestyle Lab Cph

A lab for the innovativ and circular companies in the lifestyle & tech industry.
Showroom Lab
Showroom Lab
Kontorplads Lifestyle Lab
Kontorplads 2 Lifestyle Lab
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Office Lab
Lifestyle Lab Indgang
Tøjstativ Lifestyle Lab
Office Lab
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Showroom Lab
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Showroom Lab Kontorplads Lifestyle Lab Kontorplads 2 Lifestyle Lab Skærmbillede 2021 09 27 Kl. 13.00.14 Lifestyle Lab 2021 5 Office Lab Lifestyle Lab Indgang Tøjstativ Lifestyle Lab Office Lab Skærmbillede 2021 09 27 Kl. 12.56.11 Showroom Lab Skærmbillede 2021 09 27 Kl. 12.55.01

Lifestyle lab is where the innovative startup and companies from the lifestyle and tech industry can meet

“We want to see more innovative startups from the tech and lifestyle industry to build a business together in order to solve some of the major issues in the world today,” says Heidi Svane, head of Lifestyle lab. Lifestyle & Design Cluster and Designmuseum Denmark wants to create better opportunities for startups and has entered a new collaboration that provides the framework for an innovative meeting place with demonstration labs, office space, and fantastic network opportunities from the industry.

Come and join us

In the heart of Copenhagen’s design district in Frederiksstaden, the lab is placed in the Designmuseum’s facilities. Lifestyle Lab Cph must first and foremost be a meeting place where circular and digital passionate people can network while also gaining and exchanging knowledge with other companies in the industry. For entrepreneurs and new brands, the lab must build a bridge between new knowledge, the industry, and the possibility to grow the business, moreover as a platform between circular and digital creating a framework for a common meeting ground where companies can get advice and guidance.

Lifestyle Lab Cph originates from Lifestyle & Design CLusters set of values, goals, and visions to promote innovation, circularity, digital transformation, and growth among Danish fashion, furniture, and design companies.

Lifestyle Lab Cph contains four different types of labs, depending on where the companies are in their growth journey – from entrepreneurs to experts. The labs welcome startups that want help to grow their business, a lab for events and networking activities, and a lab for demonstrating new technologies and circular solutions.  Lifestyle & Design Cluster wishes to build a bridge between the innovative companies in the industry and the tech companies, which can be a catalyst for circular business models. 

To support entrepreneurs and upcoming brands, the place will also function as an office community, where the companies can rent office space or a space in the lab’s showroom.

In that way, Lifestyle Lab Cph will function as a showcase for both international and national guests interested or curious about innovative development within the lifestyle industry. This initiative will help ensure the development and growth of viable startups and companies. 

The stage lab is the opportunity for researchers and experts within the lifestyle industry who wish to share their knowledge and experiments with new companies. Lifestyle Lab Cph can also host pop-up activities, networking meetings, talks, or a panel debate.


Reach out if you want to know more.

By becoming part of one of the four labs, you will have the opportunity to participate in a larger innovative and creative start-up environment, where you will share part of the Lifestyle & Design Cluster’s set of values.


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test traceable textiles. Visit Demo Lab and see how textiles are made traceable using the Digimarc watermarking technology.


As a part of physical platform, you can take part in four general concepts:

 TALENT LAB (opens 2023)

Talent Lab is for you who are still in the idea phase but have unique ideas and seek a place to kick-start your innovative product or business model.  


Office lab is for you who already have established a brand but need an office environment and seek to build a business through network, knowledge, and industry relationships. We offer accelerator programs, innovative monthly talks, a great community, and excellent contacts in the industry. 


The Demo Lab /Demonstration Lab is for you who seek a showroom to display your innovative products. The Demo Lab invites companies, employees, and creative people to book a session and get inspired by some of the most innovative solutions, followed by a trend talk. 


Stage Lab is for you who seek a platform to share insights, cases, and knowledge. We invite researchers, industry experts, or organizations to use the stage to share the latest research with startups and brands within the same industry. 

By becoming part of one of the four labs, you will have the opportunity to join a larger innovative and creative start-up environment, where you will become part of the Lifestyle & Design Cluster’s value set.

Advantages of becoming part of Lifestyle Lab Cph:

  • Join a larger innovative and creative start-up environment, where you become part of the Lifestyle & Design Cluster’s value set.
  • Advice and sparring
  • With the Design Museum’s villa, we expect to create new synergies between guests and the museum’s network – and strengthen the ecosystem in the lab.
  • An open pilot year, which is used to test, experiment and explore new collaborations and synergies with e.g. exhibitions and the museum’s shop as a sales platform for Lifestyle Lab’s tenants when the museum reopens in June 2022 and much more.

Interested in becoming part of Lifestyle Lab Cph?

If this sounds like something for you and your business, and you are interested in exhibiting in our showroom or getting an office space, please send us an application by pressing the “Apply Here” button.

If you want to get an office space or get a place in Lifestyle Lab Cph’s showroom, you must fill in the application form by pressing the “Apply here” button.

Lifestyle Lab Cph is running a pilot year to create the best possible incubator for the lifestyle and tech industry. Therefore, in your application, you can add comments/special needs, feedback, wishes or changes that are needed in order for you to find the lab more attractive.

We will contact you with more information as soon as we receive your inquiry.



Mail / Telefon: HEIDI@LDCLUSTER.COM +45 2074 7683



Mail / Telefon: PRAKTIK@LDCLUSTER.COM +45 2840 2237

Lejen er 2500 kr. ekskl. moms pr. måned inkl. samt 2 timers bidrag til lab’et (fx. pop up shop, branding events, networking, mentortimer målrettet Talent Lab)

  • 7 kvm. kontorplads med skrivebord og hyldeplads
  • Et kontormiljø med ligesindede, wi-fi, kaffe & te og adgang til mødelokale.
  • Brugertest i samarbejde med Danmarks designmuseum

Udstiller nogle af de mest innovative teknologier og digitale løsninger til cirkulære og grønne forretningsmodeller.

Her kan din virksomhed, organisation, netværks gruppe eller arbejdsgruppe få en skræddersyet oplevelse som inspirere jer med nye trends, spændende løsnigner og konkrete cases.

Vi sammensætter workshops, foredrag og netværksmøder efter jeres behov så ret henvendelse til os.

Et demo lab besøg starter som udgangspunkt ved 5.000kr ekskl. moms for to timer.

Prisen tager afsæt i omfanget af den ønskede aktivitet



  • målrette de nye talenter der især kommer fra studiemiljøer og er på et tidligt stadie med opbygning af virksomhed


Birk Centerpark 38
7400 Herning, Denmark
Ph.: +45 9616 6200
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com
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7430 Ikast, Denmark
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Office in BLOXHUB
Frederiksholms Kanal 30 A5, 1. sal
1220 København K, Denmark
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Lifestyle Lab CPH
Bredgade 74, stuen
1260 København
Ph.: +45 2074 7683
E-mail: info@ldcluster.com

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