The purpose of SPIN-IN is to solve specific challenges within sustainability in the furniture- and clothing- industries, based on UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the individual company’s challenges.


Cross-disciplinary talent teams consisting of master students / newly graduates (within artistic aesthetics, science and technology, business and cultural studies with digital competences) solve specific challenges within sustainability set by the participating companies. The talent team performs a 4- day spin-in sprint at the company and on the 4th day, the team pitches its solution for the company and chosen stakeholders. The cross-disciplinary teams contribute with artistic aesthetical design competences, technical competences, storytelling, intercultural and digital competences for communication as well as business competences.

The company gets a spin- in of talented students/ graduates offering their take on solutions for challenges within sustainability that are specific, complicated and suitable for open innovation. Challenges that haven’t already been addressed by the development department of the company. The challenge as well as the solution has a character with interest across the company and as well as for the company’s stakeholders.

The project team has developed a guide for participants and potential participants which you can read here:https://ldcluster.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2021/01/SPIN-IN-GUIDE-FINAL-DRAFT.pdf

If you are a Danish company and interested in participating , you have to contact the project manager. If accepted you will be ask to fill out this template:


Hear about Team Woden from Spin-in 2019:

The Cross-disciplinary teams can solve major problems related to UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). SDG no 12: responsible consumption and production is a constant challenge for the furniture- and clothing industries. The talent team can help the company in finding new solutions.

One sub-goal could be reduction of waste through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. The talent team can in collaboration with the company work towards integration of information about sustainability in the company’s product cycle and marketing.

An example of a challenge within sustainability could be: how can we prolong the lifespan of a kitchen and at the same time make it a good business? Is it possible via product renaissance on existing product to prolong the lifecycle and create new business areas?


Again, here in 2020 we run a number of Spin Ins – both short and a bit longer ones from August and through autumn 2020.

If you are a student or newly graduate and are interested in participating, please read more about how to apply here

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Project Manager: Marianne Ping Huang mph@cc.au.dk


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